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Optical Dynamics lens materials are patented and proprietary. More than 30 years of experience in the optical industry with advance research facilities has brought several breakthroughs in plastic lens materials used with the Lens Technology System. All available lenses have UVA and UVB protection

Lens Material

A patented clear, thin, high index lens material with enhanced light transmittance of 92% similar to glass lenses. As its name indicates is the lightest and thinnest lens design available for Single vision and Progressive Lens Wearers

It filters all types of harmful blue light encountered in everyday indoor activities, while enhancing visual acuity, reducing eyestrain, and retaining natural color perception.

A true sun-sensitive changeable lens material that easily adapts to a wearer’s environment. The photochromic particles are infused within the lens material resulting in a consistent photochromic effect throughout the life of the lens that will not fade nor peel-off.

Vibrant colored photochromics are fashionable sun activated colored filter lenses that are lightest indoor and changes to its trendy colors when exposed to the sun outdoor.

A performance enhanced  outdoor sun lens which is like HDR (high Dynamic Range Imaging) for the eyes. The lens appears as an ordinary sun lens, but the moment the wearer puts them on everything changes as the world suddenly becomes a full HD experience bursting with vibrant colors and sharp contrast.


Comparison of Optical Dynamics' material with other lens materials

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