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amplifEYE is a performance enhanced outdoor sun lens and like HDR (high Dynamic Range Imaging) for your eyes!


The lens appears as an ordinary sun lens, but the moment the wearer puts them on everything changes as the world suddenly becomes a full HD experience bursting with vibrant colors and sharp contrast.

It is ideal for almost any outdoor activity including biking, hiking, swimming, or golf. Water and sky are transformed into vibrant hues of blue with highly defined clouds. Haze is dismissed and squinting from glare virtually eliminated. The secret is a patented lens technology and material from the US that is brought in for everyone to enjoy quality and functional lenses without sacrificing style.

*Available in prescription lenses for aspheric single vision, bifocals, and progressives.*

Why are amplifEYE Lenses Unique?

Through advanced spectral filtration, amplifEYE lenses selectivelyenhanced colors for a more vibrant and saturated view of the world. By adjusting individual wavelengths, amplifEYE heightens visual acuity for an array of outdoor activities.

There is an amplifEYE lens that will fit your sports and lifestyle

for optimized vision and improved performance

1. amplifEYE Extreme - a gray lens that boosts color perceptionfor vivid shades of red, green, and blue. Designed for typical outdoor use, haze and glare are virtually eliminated and color contrast is enhanced for an exceptional visual experience.

Recommended for: walking, running, mountain climbing, golf, swimming

Warning: Not recommended for Driving


2. amplifEYE Drive - It optimizes red and green for high color contrast. The yellowish green lens color decreases blue intensity to minimize glare and filter excessive light for maximum driving comfort

Recommended for: Driving on the Road

3. amplifEYE Terrain Photochromic- It heightens vision and adjusts for both bright light and shade. Red and blue are augmented for topography definition.

Recommended for: Terrain sports biking, running, hiking, motorcycling

Warning: Not recommended for Driving

4. amplifEYE Game Day - It Intensifies red and green for increased contrast and blues are more subdued due to the lens' brown color. Squinting from glare is virtually eliminated for participants and spectators alike.  

Recommended for: Outdoor field sports like tennis, softball etc.

Warning: Not recommended for Driving

5. amplifEYE Links - It reduces overwhelming greens for improved distinction between red, green, blue, and white. Sharpening on-green depth, texture, and distance perception helps you see the ball and its path more clearly

Recommended for: Golfing

Warning: Not recommended for Driving

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