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  sunSMART™  is a true sun-sensitive changeable lens material that easily adapts to a wearer’s environment and not just a traditional changeable coating applied to a plastic lens.

  The sun-sensitive particles are infused within the lens material from its liquid state resulting in a consistent photochromic effect throughout the life of the lens and guarantees that the photochromic effect will not wear out or peel-off.

  It darkens within seconds when exposed to the sun or UV and deactivates fast to a clear color when indoor. The lens material has high light transmittance and excellent surface quality for a full HD view experience. It passes ANSI standard for optical lenses in terms of precision, quality, and impact resistant tests.

  Complete UV-A and UV-B Protection and can be tinted with the colors you desire or it can be coated with Anti-reflection, Hard-Coat, or Mirror coatings for a more stylish finish. You can choose between 2 colors, sunSMART Grey or sunSMART Brown.

*Available in prescription lenses for aspheric single vision, bifocals, and progressives.*

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