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Optical Dynamics Lens Finish


  The nanoCLEAR AR Technology produces lenses that are anti-reflective with a hydrophobic (water resistant), oleophobic (oil resistant) & anti-static topcoat that includes a layer of hard-coat. This makes the lens more durable than ordinary vacuum coated lenses, easier to clean and have a long lasting performance. 

  It enhances light transmittance and reduces glare and lens reflection on the surface. The color is bluish because it also reflects small amounts of HEV light (high energy visible blue light) emitted by LED screens which are considered to harm certain parts of the eye.

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COLORED REFLECTIVE COATINGS.  Premium quality lenses with front side surface treatment that gives mirror like appearance when tinted.


You can also  combine with tint colors or photochromics material to give it a dramatic effect for trendy reflective colors indoor and darkens to a mirror like lens when activated outdoor. 


Available in five eye catching reflective colors: Desert Orange, Electric Yellow, Forest Green, Ocean Blue, and Midnight Violet.


SCRATCH RESISTANT COATING. Extra durable non-tintable scratch resistant layer. This super scratch resistant dual layer of hard-coat is ideal for children’s lenses to provide extra durability to their  eyeglasses.  It also has a top layer of water, oil, and dust resistant through the anti-static top coat.

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