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She had completed a course on Occupational Safety and Health at the University of the Philippines, College of Public Health. She discovered the treatment for red-green color blindness which was presented in international forums. She manages challenge children with autism and/or ADHD by restoring eye contact and improving attention span through vision skills development program. She manages Dry Eyes and Myopia control using Contact lenses. She specializes in Ocular Prosthesis and Maxillo-Facial Prosthesis. She does Child Growth and Development TOP using the New Portage Guide developed by the Cooperative Education Service Agency 5 , Wisconsin USA. She was a consultant/trainor of DepEd Special Education in the development of instructional materials for children with special needs. Likewise a member of the executive steering committee of the Department of Health in the Prevention of Blindness program. She is a Fellow of the Civitan International Research Center at the University of Alabama in Birmingham which is world renowned in Neuro-Science, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities. She is a Clinical Associate of the Optometric Extension Program USA and have completed specialty training under the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, College of Syntonic Optometry , and the Australasian College of Behavioral Optometrists. She is a Fellow of the Philippine Academy of Optometry . Awarded for Excellence as one of the 10 Outstanding Health Professional and as “Outstanding Optometrist” by the Professional Regulation Commission. The 1st Filipino to be awarded "International Honor Key" for community services given by Civitan International worldwide service clubs.

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