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Wide Field of Vision

Wide Field of Vision

SKU: EP7202

Make a smart choice for your everyday single distance lens.  This is highly advisable to wearers with high astigmatism and those who have powers of above 2.00D. The distortion is minimized if not eliminated. Make your lens look funky and stylish with the choice of materials and design.


    The shape and form of the lens is calibrated and configured to expand the infocus area and minimize the area of aberration. For lens wearers this makes a big difference because aspheric lenses gives you a wider of field of vision without any distortion.  It also enhances your cosmetic appearance that makes your eyes look big like the goldifsh effect for high plus lenses.Because the lens is cast from a liquid to solid form using predesigned and configured molds, there is high level of precision of lens powers and it produces the thinnest possible lens without compromising the lens quality and durability.​The rainbow colors that appear at the sides of the line is also eliminated . This is prominent for high power lens and more visible with certain ordinary plastic lens materials used.


    We will refund your payment if returned within 48 hours. Please attach Proof of payment and we will credit  back  the amount you paid. Non-Adapt Warranty applies.



    We are Shipping your order within 48 hours from Confirmation . 

  • Available RX Power

    Available for Prescription from +0.25D to +4.00D for Farsighted, -0.25D to -6.00D for nearsighted with Astigmatism of up to -2.50D. Other powers and prism inclusion are also available by special order from US laboratory (will 7 to 10 working days to deliver)

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