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Organic Digital Lens

Organic Digital Lens

SKU: EP7204

The lens material is infused with an array of organic pigments with a comfortable champagne lens color similar to the natural coloration of the human crystalline lens. It filters all types of blue light encountered in everyday indoor activities, while enhancing visual acuity, reducing eyestrain, and retaining natural color perception. Once you experience the comfort of wearing it you’ll never want to be inside again without wearing  blueVIEW!


    HEV (High Energy Visible blue) and blue light exposures has increased exponentially with the use of computers, cell phones, tablets, and other hand held devices. The use of LED and compact fluorescent lamps has also increased the exposure to this harmful light. Doctors and researchers studying the effects of the human eye have found possible links to eye strain, eye fatigue, age related macular degeneration, and sleep disruption.

    This lens helps block and adsorb a varying level of violet and blue light across a 400-500nm spectrum and provides 100% attenuation in the UV spectrum while gradually allowing more light to pass as the waves lengthen for balanced protection.


    We will refund your payment if returned within 3 days. Please attach Proof of payment and we will credit back the amount you paid. Non-Adapt Warranty applies.


    We are Shipping your order within 48 hours from Confirmation . 

  • Available RX Power

    Available for Prescription from +0.25D to +4.00D for Farsighted, -0.25D to -6.00D for nearsighted with Astigmatism of up to -2.00D

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