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Glare Free Sun Lens

Glare Free Sun Lens

SKU: EP7203

performance enhanced  outdoor sun lens, it’s like HDR (high Dynamic Range Imaging) for your eyes!

The lens appears as an ordinary sun lens, but the moment the wearer puts them on everything changes as the world suddenly becomes a full HD experience bursting with vibrant colors and sharp contrast.



    It is ideal for almost any outdoor activity including biking, hiking, swimming, or golf. Water and sky are transformed into vibrant hues of blue with highly defined clouds. Haze is dismissed and squinting from glare virtually eliminated. The secret is a patented lens technology and material from the US that is brought in for the wearer to enjoy quality and functional lenses without sacrificing style.


    We will refund your payment if returned within 3 days. Please attach Proof of payment and we will credit  back  the amount you paid. Non-Adapt Warranty applies.


    We are Shipping your order within 48 hours from Confirmation . 

  • Available RX Power

    Available for Prescription from +0.25D to +1.00D for Farsighted, -0.25D to -1.00D for nearsighted with Astigmatism of up to -.00D

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