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clearLIGHT™   is a patented clear, thin, high index lens material with enhanced light transmittance of 92% similar to glass lenses.


In its natural form the base lens material already contains 100% UVA and UVB protection. The lens passes ANSI standard for impact resistant, drillable for rimless frames, with excellent tint absorption so that you can apply the fashionable lens color you desire for your eyewear.

For a comfortable everyday wear, it has the lightest weight with 1.2 grams/cubic centimetre that makes ideal lens material for children with high ABBE value (#40) to eliminate unwanted rainbow like appearance reflected on the surface of the lens typical in ordinary lens materials.

clearLIGHT LENS as its name indicates is the lightest and thinnest lens design available for Single vision and Progressive Lens Wearers and is ideal for kids especially when treated with hardcoat for extra durability and scratch resistant in children.


Available in prescription lenses for aspheric single vision, bifocals, and progressives.

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